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Co w YouEnglish mówi się o wiośnie

W naszej szkole głosów z różnych części świata mamy sporo, ale są i polskie, bardzo sprawdzone sposoby na przywołanie wytęsknionego, wiosennego słońca. Mówimy, że w marcu jak w garńcu, a kwiecień plecień, bo przeplata, trochę zimy trochę lata. Wiemy też, że najistotniejsze jest działanie i można poradzić sobie z nieustępliwą zimą, topiąc Marzanne – lub…
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Meet our students, they are all from different countries and they all speak Polish

With our Polish courses you’ll be speaking Polish from lesson one. We all know that Polish grammar can drive you crazy, and we are not surprised. But don’t run away, we belive in teaching through speaking and discussing relevant topics. Our aim is to ensure that our 1students are able to use some Polish from…
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Tongue twisters: 10-sentence Workout Plan to keep your Polish in shape this Spring

Tongue twisters are great to improve your pronunciation and the best thing about them is that they always make you smile. I have chosen a few sentences in Polish and a few in English, from which you can definitely get some facial muscles cramps. Good luck! POLSKIE ŁAMAŃSCE: W czasie suszy szosa sucha. Suchą szosą…
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Speak More Polish – a one-term Polish course

Speak More Polish is a course designed for foreigners who want to learn more than just basic, every-day phrases and simple dialogues. It’s a training in speaking, which will help you feel better at work, university and about town. If you are an expat in Wrocław, this might be perfect for you or your family.…
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YouPolish Weekend Crash Course

Fast, intensive language training for those who would like to start speaking Polish immediately.  In most common every day situations. This short Polish language course designed by the YouPolish school is dedicated for foreigners who want to learn some most important phrases in no time. YouPolish Crash Course, which consists of twelve 45-minute lessons –…
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Polish lessons in Wrocław

Here at YouEnglish we don’t just teach English! Over 30% of our students are actually learning Polish with us. We have amazing tutors who are native Polish speakers that also speak fantastic English. We have students from England, France, Spain, Korea and many other countries who attend weekly Polish lessons in our Wrocław school.  Not…
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