Seriously different.
YouEnglish concept school.

You will not study forever.
No useless grammar, no boring textbooks,
just a vivid conversation and an intensive language training.
Wherever you are, just start speaking.
Study online or come to our school in Wroclaw.

YouEnglish is all about YOU

During the first free meeting (online or face-to face), we will analyze your needs and work out your individual action plan. Soon you will start to speak in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian or German. Foreigners are very welcome to join our Polish courses held in our school in Wrocław.

Choose what’s best for you

Lekcje indywidualne

Kurs ODBLOKUJ SIĘ, szybki kurs FULL INTENSITY, konwersacje, angielski biznesowy

Szkoła językowa we Wrocławiu


Kurs ODBLOKUJ SIĘ, egzaminy FCe, CAE, IELTS, TOEFL, Matura 2021, Test 8-klasisty 2021, dzieci

Egzaminy z angielskiego

FC, CAE, Proficiency, IELTS, TOEFL Matura 2021, Test 8-klasisty 2021

Wyjazdy językowe

UK, USA, Kanada, Niemcy, Hiszpania, Francja wakacje i cały rok, dzieci i dorośli

Out of concern for our reputation, just in case we teach effectively.

YouEnglish is a concept school – we teach the way we would like to be taught ourselves. We use proven and unconventional teaching methods and we are good at it. Take a demo lesson, see how we work and simply start speaking.

Who we are

YouEnglish employs talented professionals with interesting personalities, but most of all – teachers who are serious and passionate about their job. We carefully select teaching talents to create a place which may change your concept of school.

What we do differently

You will not study forever. You will learn exactly what you need. You will be pushed to speak. There will be a clear goal set for you. You will feel motivated to progress by fast results. You will get special, individual treatment.

Prices of YouEnglish language courses

Individual Classes

One 45-minute lesson / 100 PLN

Classes in Pair

One 45-minute lesson / 60 PLN per person

Groups of 3 or 4

One 45-minute lesson / 40 PLN per person

Groups of 5 or 6

One 45-minute lesson / 30 PLN per person