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Business English or English for Business…?

We know from experience that typical business English is hardly ever what students really need. Every day practice shows that business English is a vast term which includes lots of different areas, so,  in fact, each request for help with business English means something totally different. And we always try to find out what it really is. 

Another group of employees – usually higher rank managers – seek to improve the quality of their English. They know their business inside out, also in English, but still they feel they lack confidence. 

Practice shows that their business English is not an issue. The problem often turns out to be lack of a solid base: messy tenses, shortage of social expressions and small talk phrases, lack of soft skills while speaking English, etc. Many managers experience discomfort while speaking in public. Surely, out personality may help or disturb in public address, but still – a lot can be done to help.

Business English – YouEnglish approach to teaching it

We try to be pragmatic and choose the best style of work to mach every student’s needs and personality. In short – anything goes, as long as they achieve their results.

At YouEnglish we don’t follow one specific method of teaching foreign languages, since no method is good for everybody, and may, in fact, be limiting. 

The same applies to our business students. Tell us about your problem, and leave the rest to us. We will do out best to work out the materials and style of work which will help you solve the problem quickly and painlessly.