English for Beginners Online Now

Do it once and do it right.
English for Beginners and Eternal Beginners

Many adult beginners start to learn English over and over again, and repeatedly give up after just a few classes. Obviously, it’s not a good idea – endless beginnings discourage and demotivate. In this situation, we suggest that you start from a more intensive monthly programme, which will help you break through you old barrier and quickly jump to the next level. This way you will no longer be a beginner! It will give you a kick and the wings that you need to start flying- at last!

Sorry, I don’t speak English.

If you think that you don’t speak any English at all, we will be very happy to prove you wrong. Beginners tend to underestimate their knowledge of English which, as it seems, can be found absolutely everywhere. This language is really hard to avoid, and so each student has a lot to start from. We will help you decide where you really are, and then you will quickly jump to the next level.

English for Beginners with YouEnglish Concept

  • don’t try to learn all of it at once. First take good control of what’s absolutely basic in English. However – do it really, really well. You need to fell in full control of at least three basic tenses. It’s important for further progress.
  • in your Classes for Beginners you will be learning by speaking. During the first demo class, you will be instructed how to work in order to activate your English and start using it. Right from the first class of you Course for Beginners you will focus on speaking, repeating, listening and responding to what other people are saying. If you manage to open up and if you really cooperate with the teacher, the results will come really soon.
  • lessons must be taken regularly and as often as possible. Don’t skip any! Adult learners have no time for homework, and that’s why your participation in class is absolutely essential. Don’t cancel, don’t reschedule unless really necessary, take it seriously, and soon you will be amazed at how fast you are progressing.

English for Beginners – anyone can speak it

Some people claim to have no gift for languages. They seem to know – in advance! – that it is impossible for them to get it, so just in case they are afraid to even give it a try. Sorry, but this is just an easy excuse. Speaking a language is a natural skill. It is learnt automatically and mastered by DOING IT, which in this case is speaking and listening. So, in fact, all you need is to really, truly want it. Your only and most important job will be to find a true motivation to learn it. All the rest will be in our hands. We know what to do, and we know how to do it. You will speak – it’s guaranteed.

English for Beginners Online or Face-to-Face

With YouEnglish you can study the way you want, even if you are just starting. It is all up to you how and when you want to study. If you live in Wroclaw, why don’t you come and meet us in our school. But if you live far from us – in Poland or abroad – don’t worry, online classes are just as effective. We work with students from other Polish cities and towns, as well as other countries. Don’t worry about your time zone. So – why don’t you join us and start studying with YouEnglish…?

Prices of YouEnglish language courses

Our courses come in 3 basic packages of 30, 60 and 90 classes (1 class is 45-minute long). There are 4 studying options, starting from the most elastic individual classes. Come and book a demo lesson, together we can work out a learning plan which will address your most important or urgent needs.