English for Kids and Teenagers Online Now

Why go for English for Kids with YouEnglish? What is so seriously different?

95% parents who come to us make one complaint: their kids study for years but cannot speak. It’s easy to see why: school classes are usually numerous, and even despite teachers’ efforts and best intentions, there’s simply never enough time to get them to speak the language. For many school students, written tests are not a big problem. A real challenge is having to actually ACTIVELY USE the language. Excellent at tests and computer games, young people often struggle when they have to make a chat, describe a situation, explain something, run errands or get something done in English.

At you English we try to compensate for this loss. First of all we work to show our younger students that speaking English is great fun. YouEnglish teachers working with kids (Poles or foreigners) are kind, open, warm and ready to play. We know that fun is the enemy of stress, and when there is no stress, English becomes a tool for communication in class and is learned naturally and without effort. Kids and teenagers become used to speaking English; they are forced to communicate, must fight to be understood and, above all, to activate the English required by the school. YouEnglish teachers are both Polish and native speakers of English, so it’s a great training before real life practice.

It goes without saying that our kids MUST speak well at least one foreign language. The choice is pretty obvious – without English it’s really hard to imagine further education and a good career start. Other languages can also come in handy, or simply be learnt for fun, but without English life can be tough.

Our young learners are offered individual lessons or studying in small groups, so that each student gets a chance to really practice speaking.

English for Kids and Teenagers. At YouEnglish we keep an eye on your kids’ school homework, explain the grammar and expand their vocabulary.

Fun is essential, but in the case of kids and teenagers it is also really important to work on their grammatical correctness, good pronunciation and intonation – if then get it now, it will stay for ever.  

When our kids become a bit older (12, 13) – they should spend more time on doing grammar and vocabulary exercises, both written and spoken. At this age their brain is like a sponge, whatever they learn now will stay with them for a long, long time.

Grade 8 Exam, Matura Exam, EFC, CAE, IELTS. We help teenagers to prepare for English exams, both Polish and international.

Teenagers can prepare with us for both Polish exams testing their English (Grade 8 Exam, Matura Exam), and for examinations required and recognized by foreign universities (such as Cambridge exams of CFC, CAE, IELTS).

Our teaching team consist of both Polish and foreign teachers. What they have in common is impressive results. We are really proud of our students’ exam scores.

Use the kids’ school breaks – English lessons don’t have to be about ‘classroom boredom’.

2 or 3 months-long holiday is a really long break from learning a foreign language, which requires regularity. Every year we put together a special English summer program for kids and teens who come to Wroclaw for holiday or who are local and stay in the city.

What we offer is a combination of classes, workshops, fun and games in class connected with field trips with native speakers of English (bowling, mini-golf, shopping, eating out, etc. )

In summer we also recommend language camps (not only for English), or courses with our partner schools in Great Britain, Canada, or USA. It is an excellent finishing touch for classes at home. You will find more in LANGUAGE TRIPS.

Prices of YouEnglish Courses for Kids

Our courses come in 3 basic packages of 30, 60 and 90 classes (every single class is 45-minute long). There are 4 studying options, starting from the most elastic individual classes. Come and book a demo lesson, together we can work out a learning plan which will address your most important or urgent.