English for More Advanced Students

Improve your skills and make a jump to a higher level. YouEnglish courses for Intermediate Students (B1, B2, C1 and above).

More advanced students (B2, C1) hardly ever feel blocked. Usually they communicate well, and come to us with a different set of problems. As it turns out, a lot can be done on higher levels of linguistic competence, too.

English for More Advanced Students. Most common needs and complaints:

  • I haven’t been using English for a long time, and now I feel rusty. There’s been no need for me to speak it for a few years, and now I’m struggling with finding even the most basic of words and phrases. Help!

No problem at all. In order to activate your English again, the best way is to simply start using it again:) We can offer you conversational classes with our professional native speakers, where you can talk about anything that’s relevant to you life, work and interests. However, apart from reviewing and re-activating your old skills, its maybe a good idea to improve and learn new things. What things? The range is unlimited: new, more advanced grammar structures, vocab, phrases and collocations, idioms, or maybe speaking in public? Together we can decide what’s most important and useful to you, and then we will put together your individual tailor-made learning programme, fully adapted to your needs.

  • I manage to communicate, but feel stuck at the same level and limited.

In this case it may be a good idea to think about an intensive, high impact language training to help you quickly move onto a higher level. Perhaps you could think of taking an English exam for moe advanced students, such as FCE, CAE, or IELTS? Vocabulary, phrases, idioms and grammar can always be taken higher, so just tell us what you need, and we will do our best to come up with some sensible learning suggestions.

  • I speak it and I understand it, but stress blocks me completely when speaking in public.

Ok, this problem is very common. What you will most likely benefit from in this situation is a short but intensive individual language course, in which you will be encouraged to practice your show ‘on stage’. Your classes will resemble actors’ rehearsals rather than classic English lessons. You will work not only on your English, but also on your pronunciation, intonation and even your mimics. It’s worth trying, good preparation will seriously reduce your stress level.

Bored to tears with English grammar? Your grammar is advanced enough not to ever touch it again? No worry, we have a patent for this.

At a very high level of English, studying grammar can actually be pure fun. If you like and ‘feel’ English, you can just play with numerous exceptions that can be found in spoken English. Don’t fret, you will not be tortured with Shakespeare or Joyce, you will be able to put your new knowledge in daily use. No pancreases, you won’t sound funny or outdated, whatever you learn can be heard in everyday conversation.

Choose your advanced English course: study with us online or come to Poland and take a regular, face-to-face course in Wroclaw.

The pandemics has made it very clear to all of us how much can be done using the Internet. The same goes for learning foreign languages. Even the most skeptical and conservative of us have come to admit that online classes are a really excellent tool. You can study on your sofa, in your pajamas, at dawn, or at dusk, alone or with friends – it’s really all up to you. A lot of flexibility and even more time saved convince even the biggest enemies of learning English online. If you are still not convinced, why don’t you simply give it a try and see for yourself? Our demo lesson is free of charge.

Prices of YouEnglish language courses

Our courses come in 3 basic packages of 30, 60 and 90 classes (each single class is 45-minute long). There are 4 studying options, starting from the most elastic individual classes. Come and book a demo lesson, together we can work out a learning plan which will address your most important or urgent needs.