Football English

Play football in English. Workshop for young football lovers. 

Our all-new YouEnglish “Football Club” invites young people (both girls and boys) to take part in our football English workshops. All drills, instructions, football tactics and terminology will be taught and explained in English. There is no better way than learning English in a natural environment, especially when you also have a love for football!

The sessions, which will include planned-out tactical drills, practice matches, skill improvement, team building and much more, will be led by Michael Nowacki, who played football in amateur and semi-professional leagues in the UK for over 13 years. During his time there he also had the chance to coach and lead his own squad. Michael keeps up to date with the football news, so you will be able to discuss the latest, your favourite teams and players in English.

If you are interested, contact YouEnglish asap. Michael is waiting for you.