French Language Courses Online Now

Some of us find French irresistibly beautiful, others love it for its sophistication and elegance, and some other students see it as a linguistic challenge. There’s also o group of pragmatic students who don’t expect the French to speak good English. No matter why you want to learn French, we will help you to reach your goal as soon as possible. 

French for Beginners

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to take long. Our French course for Beginners is designed to get you to speak this language from class one. According to our general concept of teaching foreign languages, we will make sure you first learn the most basic and most needed expressions. In our starting program, you will learn to use the most common expressions of everyday life, as well as the most popular automatic responses to frequently asked questions. You will learn to count, order food in a restaurant, do the shopping, or ask for help. At this stage, you will not be working much on French grammar. Or rather, you won’t even notice when you’ve learnt some of it. 

French for Intermediate Students – Speak More

So you have learnt French in the past, and now you feel there is not much left? We can help you refresh basic stuff, and then smoothly push you higher. You will make progress during a free and relaxed exchange with your teachers who will always adapt to your level. You will be in good hands – our excellent teachers will help you improve your fluency and vocabulary. Studying French with YouEnglish will be a pleasure and fun. 

Conversation in French

If you want to get more fluent in French, our conversation classes will definitely help you practice using the language, understanding others and discuss subjects which are important or interesting for you. During the first free meeting we will find out more about your interests, passions and priorities. This will help us put together a personalized learning programme designed to meet your expectations. Talking in class about subjects which are close to your life will make you feel much more confident in real-life conversations. Alternatively, if you urgently need to prepare and polish some kind of public address in French – be it a speech, a presentation, negotiation or a job interview – during your classes we will focus on just this one task. Firstly, you will be provided by us with most useful and appropriate phrases, and then you will have a chance to ‚rehearse your show’ with the teacher as many times as you need. This kind of solid preparation is simply bound to boost your self-confidence and give your performance a professional edge.

Study French individually

It is absolutely clear by now that your linguistic dreams and plans can be reached without problem while studying online. Many of our students who in the past looked down on online classes, today openly appreciate their advantages. If you choose to study French online: 

  • you will have much more freedom in planning your classes – early in the morning, or late at night
  • you won’t need to waste time in traffic
  • you can study no matter where you are – in your garden, or during a holiday far away from home
  • if you want, you can speed up and study more often during shorter sessions, for example 30 minutes once, twice, or even three times a day

French for Kids and Teenagers

We offer French online to 10+ students. YouEnglish teachers do their best to make French classes different from school lessons. The language is taught through speaking, students are made to actively use the vocabulary, phrases and structures they may have seen in their schoolbooks. Games, fun and lots of chatting – try us out. 

Preparation for French exams

Exam preparation is an excellent occasion to make progress. Just tell us what kind of exam may be interesting for you, and we will take care of the rest.