German Language Courses Online Now

Study German with YouEnglish online. You will work fast and effectively.  

Although YouEnglish sounds as if we teach just English, but when our students request other language courses, we are able to provide them, too. The same goes for German. 

Although English tends to dominate in most parts of the world, German still often comes in useful, especially in business. Students who come our way most often work for German corporations, or offer their services to German-speaking customers. Some others want to talk in German with their relatives, or during family holidays, and there are also those who spoke it in the past, and now don’t want their German to get rusty. In each case – we are  very happy to help. So –  why not study German with YouEnglish?  

German for individual students 

Come and study German alone. Individual classes can start at any level, beginning, intermediate, or advanced. You can also go for a typical conversational training with a native speaker of German. In each case your teachers will pay lots of attention to your speaking and understanding practice. 

Similar to other YouEnglish courses, your German classes will start from specifying the goal of your training. Just tell us what is your most urgent goal and priority, and we will work out the best and fastest learning model for you. If needed, we can help you solve specific grammar problems, improve your vocabulary from a given area, or provide you with useful social expressions. 

All this is usually discussed during the first free demo lesson. The rest is in our hands. All you have to do is to take opart in your classes and cooperate with your teachers. Don’t worry about homework – we know that you ae busy and tired, so homework is given just to those students who have lots of time to really do it.  

German online. Study where you want and when you want. 

The world has changed a lot recently. Even the most ardent opponents of studying online are now much more open for this model of work. It is clear for all of us now how much time can be saved, and how very comfortable it is to simply study online, avoiding traffic jams and running late all the time.   

All YouEnglish courses are now available online. We offer full flexibility in planning your lessons – you can study early in the morning, late at night, or at weekends, whichever suits you best. You can also try out our new concept – shorter, just 30-minute sessions every day. Your progress will be fast and visible, since speaking is the best way to learn a language. 

German for advanced students

Come and book a demo lesson, together we can work out a learning plan which will address your most important or urgent needs.