Get unblocked Online Now

Stop thinking, start speaking

Most of us have learnt a foreign lnguage at some point in life – at school, university or on different courses. We have spent long hours memorizing irregular verbs and killing endless exercises. And yet, when it comes to speaking the language, you feel totally overwhelmed. Stress, panic and fear. Some are just about to burst crying, others run away from the trauma they don’t want to ever face again.

But, when you come to think of it, you are bound to discover the you can do it! 

For sure you remember a holiday dinner or a company party with a few glasses of wine, when you suddenly spoke the language with ease, charm and fluency? Perhaps it happened when you were lost in a foreign city just before your plane was to take off? Or maybe when they tried to charge you double for the same hotel room? You always somehow managed to get your way, didn’t you? Unfortunately, only to return to sulky silence… 

Most of out adult students claim to feel BLOCKED. Blocked at different levels, men and women, grownups and youngsters – it is a democratic problem which can get each of us. If it is also your problem, you may have just found the right place. Our flagship GET UNBLOCKED course has helped many of our students overcome this difficulty. It is designed to activate what you have learned before, and then to fill out the gaps – if there are any at all. 

Although we have a reputation of crazy and dynamic teachers, there are a few rules which we strictly obey: 

  • A good lesson is a lesson when the student speaks more than the teacher. You will have no choice, but speak. 
  • We do not teach forever. ~It is not our intention to wast your time on things you may never need. You will be taught the things you cannot really do without. 
  • Our lessons cannot be boring, since we hate to get bored at work:)

Come and check by yourself. Progress and fun included in price.