Individual English Lessons Online Now

Do it faster. Take individual English classes designed by YouEnglish.

Our individual English courses are each time build according to the students specific needs. If you feel discouraged by earlier attempts, methods and no results, perhaps it’s a good idea to try our individual English classes. Talk to us during your first demo lesson (it’s free of charge), and you will be professionally advised haw to reach your goal as soon as possible. We will help you decide what to study first, and to work out your own rhythm of learning – when, how, and how often. You will also be instructed how to work in order to achieve the results you are after.

Prices of our individual English classes include maximal flexibility in planning and rescheduling your lessons. It is usually very useful for most of our busy students. You can also take weekend classes – both online and in the school in Wroclaw.

Individual English classes for public address (upper-intermediate and above).

Feeling very stressed when having to speak English in public? Too much pressure? Relax, you will be taken care of by true professionals. Some of our teachers have experience in public relations, law, or engineering. During your individual course you will be advised what to do to overcome the stress. Each sentence will be carefully practiced, and you will feel much more confident. Public address classes are easily adapted to the needs of all industries.

Get Unblocked during individual English lessons.

We often work with students who feel really blocked when having to speak the foreign language. The fear may come from different sources: old school traumas, too much perfectionism, lack of self-confidence or simply from lack of faith in success.

That’s why we have worked out own flagship concept – the GET UNBLOCKED course. We have some success in ‘unblocking’ students, so why don’t try us out? During your face-to-face classes no one will watch or assess your efforts, and we will do our best to make you feel safe and comfortable. In no time will you start speaking, without even knowing.

Talk to native speakers of English during your individual English conversational classes (upper-intermediate and above)

YouEnglish is a concept school, which means we have worked out our own way of teaching effectively. Don’t worry – your classes will never be boring, and you will be given a lot of space for using the language. Book individual classes, meet our teachers and see for yourself that they are all interesting partners in discussing your most important subjects. During each class you will be ‘fed’ new vocabulary and phrases needed to express your thoughts with precision and elegance. During the demo lesson (free of charge), you will have. change to tell us what subjects are of particular interest to you, and we will work out a program matching your needs and preferences. Your individual course will also address any issues which you find challenging, be it pronunciation, grammar, or fluency. You will have many opportunities to kill the problem.

Part of our teaching concept is having to work with several teachers. Christa, Lauren, Andrew, Patrick, Sepp, Mick and John, as well as excellent Polish teachers of English will make every effort to help you express your thoughts, feelings, observations and opinions. This strategy is deliberate, especially with more advanced students. The goal of our conversational classes is to learn to exchange thoughts and opinions with different people who have different accents. We want our students to open up for people, and practice understanding more than just one teacher. Check for yourself!