Italian Language Courses Online Now

Learn Italian with YouEnglish 

People who want to speak Italian usually choose to learn this language for love – love to the country, love to wine, love to Italian itself and its unique melody. Sometimes it’s just for the grande bellazza, which can only be found in Italy. 

At YouEnglish we share this love, and it is this love that makes us teach Italian. We have our own Polish Italian teachers, as well as Italians, who know how to teach this amazing language. No matter how advanced you are, you will start to speak it  and from the very first class.  

Italian for beginners. With YouEnglish you will speak it from the beginning. 

YouEnglish is a school of speaking. We mostly concentrate on using the language. If this is your first contact with Italian, don’t worry, your beginnings will not be boring and ‚grammatical’. In this school reteach the way we would like to be taught ourselves. We have our tricks, our patents, and we know how to keep you focused. We have also worked out our own ‚starting package’ which is designed to teach students a handful of absolutely basic words and expressions during just a few lessons. You will be pulled into our linguistic fun, and this will help you learn quite a lot of Italian without any effort. 

Szlifuj włoski dzięki autorskiej metodzie YouEnglish

Our Italian lessons are based on our basic YouEnglish principle: speak, speak, and once speak again speak the language you want to learn. 

Don’t worry about your mistakes, they happen to every single language student in the world. Your teacher will help you correct the really important errors, but not all of them are worth your attention.

Your most important tsk will be to take part in classes – don’ cancel, don’t reschedule, jut simply participate and cooperate sth your teacher – it will be absolutely enough to make progress. 

If you need to learn faster, no problem, just plan your classes as often as you can manage. Some of our students book their lessons 5, 6 or even 7 days a week, sometimes even twice a day for short, dynamic sessions of speaking. This option is usually popular with overachievers, but the results can be felt straight away. The rest is up to the teachers, so why not give us a chance to get your Italian going?   

kurs języka włoskiego

Italian for Kids and Teenagers

Obviously, very young children learn languages much better and much faster in a real-life environment, but for teenagers talking to people online is very natural. Thanks to this way of learning a foreign language they can save a lot of precious time, normally wasted in public transport.  Let’s use this opportunity, our kids will for sure have lots of great ideas what to do with the saved time.

Ceny kursów językowych

Nasze kursy językowe to pakiety 30, 60 i 90 lekcji 45-minutowych. Oferujemy 4 warianty, od najbardziej elastycznych lekcji indywidualnych po zajęcia w grupach. Zapraszamy na lekcję demo, wspólnie ustalimy plan, z którego będziesz zadowolony.

kurs języka włoskiego

Individual Classes

One 45-minute lesson / 100 PLN

kurs języka włoskiego

Classes in Pair

One 45-minute lesson / 60 PLN per person

kurs języka włoskiego

Groups of 3 or 4

One 45-minute lesson / 40 PLN per person

kurs języka włoskiego

Groups of 5 or 6

One 45-minute lesson / 30 PLN per person