Wrocław, SKY TOWER, floor 44

English for Kids

it goes without saying that our kids MUST speak good English. We offer our younger students individual meetings or classes in small groups, so that everyone had a chance to practice speaking.

While working with kids, we above all make them speak and work hard to make speaking English a habit. We activate the material introduced at school, explain the grammar and enrich their vocabulary.

We offer to prepare teenagers and university students for all kinds of English exams: test 8-klasisty, Polish matura examexams recognized by foreign universities, as well as Cambridge exams such as CFC, CAE, IELTS typu CFC, CAE, IELTS.

HOLIDAY: in the summer we send kids and teenagers to absolutely fantastic language camps abroad (not only English!) or to proven and inspected by us language schools in the UK or USA. Our trips make a perfect finishing touch for English courses attended in Poland.