Language Trips for Adults

Our partner schools abroad have special prices for YouEnglish students.
Study abroad 10% cheaper with us!

YouEnglish cooperates with a few proven language schools abroad. Carefully selected, thoroughly checked and tested by us, they offer excellent standard of language instruction in very attractive locations – Oxford, Cambridge, London, Edinburgh, Brighton, San Francisco or Montreal. The shortest stay takes only 5 days, from Monday to Friday.

During your language course abroad you can choose one of several accomodation options: home stay with an English family (most beneficial for your language skills), residential accomodation (dormitory or studio apartments), or a hotel. Group classes are held before or after lunch, but students also can choose induvidual lessons. During your stay it is a good idea to use the school’s social programme (trips to art galleries, museum outings, guided sightseeing tours) to learn about the English culture and spend more time with other students.

Home stay: in the evening students go back home for dinner and continue speaking English with their host families. They are fully immersed in the English everyday life and ‘forced’ to speak more English. Prices for such individual stays start from 1000 pounds per week. It is also possible to organize a course for a group of Polish students. A specific trip offer can be prepared upon request. 

Combined with a prepratory language course in Poland, language trips are an excellent motivator for further progress.

They can be uesd in a number of ways: 

  • a trip before a course in Poland: it will motivate you and stimulate to work harder, it will also increase your self-confidence. During this trip you may become more aware of your shortcomings and most basic needs which you should focus on while learning back in Poland. Recommended for pre-intermediate students.
  • a trip planned at the end of your training in Poland will be the best practical test for your real skills acquired in Poland; it will strongly motivate and push you towards working hard before you go. When faced with the need to communicate with native speakers abroud, students learn the language more effectively.
  • a language bonus from your company. Preceeded by a short warm-up course combined with a mini-cultural training in Poland, it is a great way of making the company employees feel appreciated and valued. The ‘bonus’ course can be held in a very attractive location, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Heidelberg or Paris.