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Why don’t you take advantage of the circumstances and learn the language of your choice quickly and effectively? Studying alone or in small groups, you will be encouraged to take classes as often as possible. For instance, you can opt for a more intensive training which consists of short, even 30-minute classes per day. After a few days of speaking the language every day, you are bound to make progress.

Right now you have perfect conditions for learning foreign languages online. The world offers numerous practical solutions, such as Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, ClickMeeting, Facetime, and many other communicators enabling students to study even in their dressing gowns.

Online courses offered by YouEnglish:

English for Beginners

English for More Advanced

English for Kids

Full Intensity – English Crash Course

Individual English Lessons

Business English


Preparation for First Certificate in English

Preparation for Cambridge Advanced Exam

Preparation for Cambridge Proficiency

IELTS Preparation

Spanish courses

German courses

French courses

Russian courses

Italian courses

online language courses

English online

English online and other language courses online have many advantages. First of all, you can study more often, which in practice means – more effectively. When you try to gain a new skill (and not just knowledge), it really matters how often you actually practice. Learning foreign languages (also online) can be compared to driving lessons. For the first few months, we are usually very stressed and very focused, since our actions are not yet mechanical enough. However, after a proper training in changing gears and lanes, after weeks of parking the car in tiny little slots, it all becomes easy and automatic. Finally, we do not have to think and focus so much on what we are doing. 

Learning foreign languages is exactly the same. At first, you learn new words and phrases. Then, for some time, you struggle to recall them. However, after receiving training (with a good teacher), you simply start speaking it – without so much effort. Talking becomes more and more natural, and there comes a time when you don’t even notice that you have switched to another language. So – why not use your time at home and get an intensive online course, say 30 minutes 3 times a day, or maybe a double class of 45 minutes daily? You will feel the difference after just a few days.

online language courses

online language courses

Don’t worry – it won’t be boring. With YouEnglish you can study with two or more different teachers, including native speakers of your language. This system is good for you – you get a chance to get used to speaking with different people and different accents – from the UK, USA, South Africa, Ireland, Canada and Australia.

Another advantage of learning foreign languages online is unlimited flexibility. If you are an early bird, you can start your classes event at 6 or 7 am. But if you prefer to study when it’s quiet, why not schedule your lessons for the evenings?

online language courses

Using online classes you can also prepare for work. We will help you practice before an important presentation a conference call.

We also help students who feel blocked. At YouEnglish we have worked out GET UNBLOCKED online – out our own concept training dedicated to persons who want to overcome the barrier and finally start speaking without any fear. 

online language courses

YouEnglish is not just about English. We also teach Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, and even Korean. 

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