Polish Lessons

Polish lessons in Wrocław

Here at YouEnglish we don’t just teach English! Over 30% of our students are actually learning Polish with us. We have amazing tutors who are native Polish speakers that also speak fantastic English. We have students from England, France, Spain, Korea and many other countries who attend weekly Polish lessons in our Wrocław school.

Not quite sure if these lessons will work for you? Well, Polish is a hard language, there is no getting round that fact. However, we have a unique method that will get you speaking the language quickly, and understanding even quicker. From day 1 we get you talking! Rather than spending hours with our nose in a text book learning the grammar, we learn by having conversations, finding out about each other, and adding in grammar as and when needed. 

Here’s a great testimonial from one of our English students, Dan, so you can see just how much you can get out of these lessons.

I moved to Poland 4 months ago with my wife and baby girl and have been looking for the right place to start learning Polish. Back in the UK I had taken various courses, all of which simply walk you through text books, talk grammar, and mindlessly bore you to tears trying to understand the inside workings of a very complicated language.
YouPolish is different.
From the first lesson the tutors spoke almost 90% Polish to me, and asked me to speak back in Polish. Although this was scary at first, I noticed how much quicker I remembered words and realised that this is the method needed to jump start my brain and get it working! I really enjoy the classes, and even in just 3 lessons have noticed a big difference in my confidence to try and speak to the lovely residents of Wroclaw!
Thank you guys, loving it so far, looking forward to the journey to speaking Polish! 

Dan Holton (Facebook Review)

So, get in touch via our contact page to book your no obligation trial lesson! We can’t wait to hear from you.