YouEnglish prices

Our courses come in 3 basic packages of 30, 60 and 90 classes (1 class is 45-minute long). There are 4 studying options, starting from the most elastic individual classes. Come and book a demo lesson, together we can work out a learning plan which will address your most important or urgent needs.

Our prices include: putting together your individual learning programs, learning materials, full flexibility in planning your classes, good fun in class.

Individual Classes

125 PLN / 1 lesson

Classes in Pair

80 PLN / p.P.

Groups of 3 or 4

60 PLN / p.P.

Groups of 5 or 6

50 PLN / p.P.

Prices of Full Intensity courses held in our school in Wrocław – or online – depending on the number of classes in your chosen package, a minimum being 20 x 45 minutes.

  • A 20-lesson package – 2500 PLN
  • A 30-lesson package – 3750 PLN
  • A 40-lesson package – 5000 PLN