Prices of YouEnglish Language Courses

Our courses come in 3 basic packages of 30, 60 and 90 classes (1 class is 45-minute long). There are 4 studying options, starting from the most elastic individual classes. Come and book a demo lesson, together we can work out a learning plan which will address your most important or urgent needs.

Prices of Full Intensity courses held in Wroclaw Sky Tower – or online – depend on the number of classes in your chosen package, a minimum being 20 x 45 minutes.

  • A 20-lesson package – 2500 PLN
  • A 30-lesson package – 2500 PLN
  • A 40-lesson package – 4500 PLN

The price includes: putting together your individual learning programs, learning materials, full flexibility in planning your classes, a glas of wine biegowe conversation practice, good fun in class.

If you wish to study with us in Wroclaw, our prices do not include accommodation and travel expenses.


SPECIAL OFFER FOR INDIVIDUAL STUDENTS on your first package of classes – 10% off.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR GROUPS OF UP TO 4 STUDENTS – price of each 45-minute class is just 100 PLN – to be split between the number of students in group

Individual Classes

One 45-minute lesson / 100 PLN

Classes in Pair

One 45-minute lesson / 60 PLN per person

Groups of 3 or 4

One 45-minute lesson / 40 PLN per person

Groups of 5 or 6

One 45-minute lesson / 30 PLN per person