Russian Language Courses Online Now

Russian Language Courses ONLINE NOW

Learn Russian super fast, or slowly and step by step

You may love Russian, or you may need Russian.

At YouEnglish we offer you two options: with reading, i. e. with learning the Russian alphabet, or – if you prefer – without studying the Cyrilic symbols. 

Yes, it is absolutely possible, we have done it before – you can quickly get hold of words and expressions which you need urgently to be able to do your job – for instance, to communicate with your Ukrainian employees. In this case you try learning ‚by ear’ – using just the phonetic transcription of the materials selected with your teacher. 

Russian for Beginners 

If you choose to really learn Russian from scratch, there’s no choice, you will have to start from the Russian alphabet, reading, and writing. Russian grammar may be a bit of a challenge for some nations, just like the Russian pronunciation. Don’t worry though, a few classes should be enough to get you to read and write Russian letters. 

Russian with YouEnglish – basic info

As usual, we start from a free introductory demo class – live, or online. During this meeting we present ourselves and our teaching style, and we help you set you short-term and long-term goals. 

Tell us how you like to study, what subjects you find boring and which ones stimulating, and we will put together a course designed especially for you. All you have to do next is to decide when and how often you want to have your classes, and get down to work as soon as possible. 

Please note that grown-up students are given homework only if the specifically ask for it. We assume that not many adults have time to study alone, so most of the work is dine during classes. 

Study Russian as fast as possible 

YouEnglish teaching concept

At YouEnglish we concentrate on speaking, practice and on activating the passive knowledge you may have. We regularly meet students who are very good at solving tests, but not so great at speaking the language in everyday life situations. We do our best to help our students overcome such barriers by regularly forcing them to speak, speak and speak. We have our ways and patents to make you work, so it’s just enough to flow your teachers’ suggestions. Think of the learning process as if it was a ‚training’, rather than ‚class’. It can be lots of fun if you manage to relax nad forget about stress. You will soon discover that learning goes faster and more smoothly than you expected! 

Russian for kids and teenagers

At YouEnglish we also welcome kids and teenagers among our students. By now they are all used to studying online, so why not try it out with foreign languages, for example Russian? We are there for you if you need us.

kurs języka rosyjskiego


True, it’s not quite the same as one-on-one classes. 

Still, your online lessons will not be a waste of time at all, which can be confirmed by 95% of our students. Even the most resistant learners are now ready to admit that online tuition has many important advantages, for example unlimited flexibility in planning your classes and a lot of time saved.  

Teaching online, we usually work with students using Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts or other communicators, but, of course, we are ready to adapt to whatever tool you prefer to choose. Test us during a free demo class. Remember, you can study Russian alone, or bring a friend, and split the cost. 

Rosyjski online – szczegóły oferty: 

Zdalnie pracujemy ze studentami za pomocą Skype’a, Zooma, Google Hangouts lub innych komunikatorów. 

Nasza normalna cena to 100 PLN za 45 minut pracy ze studentem indywidualnym. 


w tej chwili (do końca sierpnia) w ramach promocji naszych lekcji online oferujemy spore zniżki: 

  • Pakiet 30 lekcji – 15% zniżki, zatem cena tego pakietu to 2 550 PLN
  • Pakiet 60 lekcji – 20% zniżki, cena pakietu: 4 800 PLN
  • Pakiet 90 lekcji – 30 % zniżki, cena pakietu 6 300 PLN

(Staramy się także być elastyczni co do podziału płatności, zapraszamy naszych studentów do indywidualnych ustaleń.)

W przypadku zajęć online dla grup (grupa to u nas od 2 do 4 osób) cena 1 lekcji nadal wynosi 100 PLN, z tym że dzielimy ją na ilość osób w grupie. Może zatem warto zaprosić do grupy kogoś z przyjaciół? Zapraszamy! 

Rosyjski dla zaawansowanych – cennik YouEnglish

Nasze konwersacyjne kursy języka rosyjskiego dla studentów indywidualnych to pakiety 60 lekcji 45-minutowych. Oferujemy 2 warianty – elastyczne lekcje solo lub tańsze zajęcia indywidualne bez możliwości zmiany terminów. W przypadku nauki indywidualnej online, możesz skorzystać ze zniżek na czas kwarantanny. Zapraszamy na lekcję demo języka rosyjskiego, wspólnie wybierzemy optymalne rozwiązanie i ustalimy plan nauki, z którego na pewno będziesz zadowolony.

kurs języka rosyjskiego

Individual Classes

One 45-minute lesson / 100 PLN

kurs języka rosyjskiego

Classes in Pair

One 45-minute lesson / 60 PLN per person

kurs języka rosyjskiego

Groups of 3 or 4

One 45-minute lesson / 40 PLN per person

kurs języka rosyjskiego

Groups of 5 or 6

One 45-minute lesson / 30 PLN per person

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