Spanish Language Courses Online Now

Are you thinking about learning Spanish? It’s a good idea for a number of reasons: 

  • Spanish is spoken by over 500  million people on a few continents. 
  • It is an official language of 22 countries. 
  • In 11 out of 22 countries local people speak only Spanish, you won’t be able to communicate there in English.  
  • Spanish is a gateway to other Roman languages. Once you’ve learnt it, it will be much easier for you to start speaking Portuguese, Italian, French or Romanian.  

There are many different reasons to study English: from very practical ones to more romantic and emotional. In many cases it is the beauty of Spanish which attracts new students. When asked about their motivation, they sometimes say they fell in love with Spanish while watching Casa de Papel …, or listening do Despacito.

Spanish for Beginners

According to our students, Spanish is not a hard language to learn. After just several months of studying Spanish with us, even ‚absolute beginners’ were able to communicate in Spanish speaking shops, hotels, restaurants, and even bars. 

It was possible for them to enquire about local attractions and to meet local people. Speaking the local language is usually the key to local hearts. 

A very important and unique feature of Spanish: this language is full of good feelings. When compared to other languages, it turns out to have many more words to describe happiness, joy, optimism, ease, good energy. It is a perfect tool to express positive emotions. 

For many of you, Spanish will turn out to be much more than just a new language. It may give you a totally new perspective on life in general…

With YouEnglish you study how you want – online, at our school, or in Spain

We offer Spanish courses for every level of competence – from total beginners to conversational students. With YouEnglish you will learn this language by speaking it – from class one. During the very first meetings, you will be taught very basic phrases and expressions of everyday life. You will be often asked to repeat full sentences without going into much grammatical explanation. This will take place a bit later. We know from experience that this way of learning Spanish is easier, faster and more motivating. You won’t be disappointed. 

Study Spanish with native speakers

No matter how advanced you are, your classes will most likely be run by two teachers, where one of them will be a native speaker of Spanish. 

Don’t worry, they are all very good at what they do; apart from hard work and fast results, good fun guaranteed! 

Spanish for kids 

As usual in studying foreign languages, the sooner you start, the better for you. We welcome kids from the age of 8. For younger kids studying online can be a bit tiring, so we suggest shorter, 30-minute lessons. For teenagers from the age of 12 regular 45-minute classes are recommended. Come and try by yourself!