Polish Lessons

Speak More Polish – a one-term Polish course

Speak More Polish is a course designed for foreigners who want to learn more than just basic, every-day phrases and simple dialogues. It’s a training in speaking, which will help you feel better at work, university and about town. If you are an expat in Wrocław, this might be perfect for you or your family. Fun and satisfaction included!

YouPolish is a concept school, where we teach the way we would like to be taught ourselves. Using our own way of teaching Polish to foreigners, we have very impressive results. The work is dynamic, your training is built according to your expectations, and you are taught exactly what you need. In a short time you learn a lot, just because we know how to push you towards more effective results. Don’t worry about the Polish grammar – we have our own painless and intuitive way of dealing with it. Take a test lesson, enrol on a course, give us some trust, and off we go!

We have the knowledge, we have the experience, but above all we are a team of goal-oriented people who are really good at pushing your learning limits. Most of us are humanities graduates – philologists, academics, journalists. We know how to connect with people and how to effectively stimulate them to progress. Your Polish will be in good hands.

At YouPolish it’s all about YOU. During the initial free lesson we will carefully analyse your needs and expectations, and then we will make sure that you reach your individual goals. You can count on our guidance regarding the choice of sensible materials and effective learning model. You can study in groups, or take an individual, tailor-made course. We don’t like to waste time, so you will see the results surprisingly fast. During the training you’ll have the chance to work with a variety of teachers, so there’s no risk of getting bored. Your classes will be held on the 44th floor of SkyTower, but if you’re pushed for time – we’ll come to your company.