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Maths and Creative writing for IB students 

Dear Students,

thinking of International Baccalaureate students, we are now offering two preparatory courses to help them prepare for their final exam: mathematics and creative writing in English. 

The classes will be run by a very experienced academic teacher from the USA. 

If you are interested, please contact YouEnglish. 

YouAct Drama Series – Teens 13+

YouAct Drama Series – Teens 13+ (with good foundational knowledge) – group size max-10 min-6:

18:30-20:30 (2 hours) each Thursday for 8 weeks

YouAct Drama Series is the next step for our school. We want to help you express yourself and tell your stories. Be ready to improvise and lose yourself in the joy and creativity of language learning. Learning language through repetition and physical gestures is one of the fastest ways to activate your inner native speaker. Our workshop series will build up to a performance so you can show off your new skills to your friends and parents. You will be involved in cooperating with others in the workshop to write, rehearse and perform the play. This is a fun and easy way to make new friends while learning.

The workshops are run by Benjamin Bell a native speaker and experienced teacher at our school. Benjamin has a lot of experience in professional theatre in South Africa. He has written and directed several successful award-winning plays. His specialization is helping people activate their inner voice, to be brave, to stand up and proudly tell their stories.