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Start learning Polish

A course for true beginners. Don't worry, we will not stress you with grammar. You will be speaking a lot, and only the most important things.

It's best to start from our intensive Polish Weekend Crash Course, and then take a regular course to continue. Polish Weekend Crash Course, a później wybrać kurs z naszej oferty regularnych lekcji języka polskiego.

Polish Weekend Crash Course

A large portion of Polish for beginners - 4 lessons on Friday, Satyrday and Sunday. Intro duction to pronunciation, most useful everyday phrases, and no grammar at all. The nearest editions: September 13-15, October 11-12, Novemver 15-17. ATTENTION: this course is for TRUE BEGINNERS ONLY.

Level: beginners


  • 40 meetings (90 minutes each)
    Groups of 4-6
    How often: 2 x week, Tue, Thur, 10:30 - 12:00


  • 40 spo­­t­kań (po 90  mi­nut)
  • Groups of 4-6
  • Jak czę­­sto:  2 x ty­­dzień, / wt / czw  18:30–20:00
  • Time: 11.09.2019–31.01.2020
    Price: 2000 PLN /price per head in a group of 4/